Voter Lists in 50 States

February 26, 2013

Accurate Registered Voter Lists in All 50 US States

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGravis Marketing believes that accurate voter lists are essential to developing and maintaining the integrity of democratic elections. However, being able to have direct access to detailed voter lists in all 50 US States is the most effective way to streamline and directly target your campaign message to voters in specific regions, states, counties, cities and even small towns.

Accurate Voter Lists Data is now believed to be the new currency in the political world. Why – Because every political campaign knows that bad voter lists can cost elections and devastate marketing budgets. Gravis Marketing has the solution to this typical political problem. We offer a comprehensive voter lists database that includes millions of individuals and households, which means your political campaign, fundraising effort, survey, political polls, or business will receive the most up-to-date, customized voter lists available.

What kind of voter lists do you need?

  • Registered Voter lists, including party affiliation and voter history.
  • Voter files from all states – 24-hour turnaround.
  • Voter lists with detailed demographics, including race, ethnicity, religion and income
  • Voter lists including National Change of Address – Gravis Marketing files have weeded out dead-end data.
  • Phone Numbers – land-lines and cell phone numbers are included in the voter lists.
  • Interest groups and social membership affiliation.

That’s just to name a few. Gravis Marketing can customize your voter lists to standards, trends and data that will specifically help your campaign achieve levels of success you expect.

What Geographic Regions Would You Like Detailed Voter Lists?

Gravis Marketing streamlines this process by offering regional voting lists, state voting lists and even has the ability to dig more in-depth to satisfy the needs of local, city and county campaigns across the entire United States.

We offer Regional Voting Lists Including:

Each US State voting lists can be directly accessed through the region in which it is located on

Grow & Enhance Your Voter lists’ Database, and update your voter files

Keep your voter lists data and business data updated on a consistent basis. Gravis works with voter lists and voter files from millions of individual records in each state. We can enhance your current voter list by matching data:

  • Send us your own specialized voter lists.
  • Use our updated record database of voter files.
  • Append and match your voter lists or postal record.
  • Find email records to match the names.
  • Opt-in matched emails—purchase email lists that recipients have chosen to receive communications from you.

We have conducted and designed lots of political IVR polls interactive voice response, robo surveys nationwide and our experience has helped our process to produce only best IVR robo poll results in the industry. Our IVR polls and telephone surveys are rarely off by more or less 1 percent.

Our mission is to help your campaign achieve the results you expect. Contact Gravis Marketing today at 1-800-371-3129 or 1- 407-454-8600 to get a FREE consultation about voter data with one of our professional representatives and see how up-to-date and accurate voter lists data can bring in the votes. Gravis Marketing also offers political consultants wholesale rates. We look forward to working with you soon.


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